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Wine Club

UVA Furem Winery: Lucky Bastard's Club

12 Bottles, Semiannually. Spring/Fall

  1. 20% Discount on purchases
  2. Choice of customization
  3. Access to limited production wines
  4. Annual private barrel tasting for you and 5 guests
  5. Annual Anniversary opportunity 
  6.  12 Free Wine Tastings per Calendar Year


Come by to visit or give us a call to sign up today!
  • Membership with 1st case purchase, then commitment for spring and fall release case (12 Bottles per case) each year
  • Average cost per allocation is roughly $280.00 to $360.00 (excludes shipping,  Please see our rates chart for your shipping zone)
  • 30 day cancellation notice required.


The Lucky Bastards Club


Brave men manned the famous B-17 "Flying Fortress" flying missions over enemy occupied territory. Those who survived their tour of duty were inducted into the Lucky Bastards Club.