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2021 Tango Uniform Sauvignon Blanc


September 1956, At 3AM, after drinking at a bar in New York City, Tommy Fitz made an intoxicated bet that he could travel from New Jersey to New York City in 15 minutes.
He stole a single-engine plane from Teterboro and flew without any lights or radio, landing in front of the bar where the bet was made. The New York Times called it a “feat of aeronautics”.  For his illegal flight, he was fined $100 after the plane’s owner refused to press charges. 
In October 1958 just before 1 a.m., Fitzpatrick stole another plane from the same airfield and landed in front of another bar. Sentenced to six months in prison. When asked why, Fitz told police that he was “one hell of a pilot” and had to pull off the second flight after a bar patron refused to believe he had done the first one.
Meat: pork tenderloin
Seafood: Salmon lox
Cheese: Marscapone
Nuts: Cashews
Vegetables: Green Beans 
Spices: Mustard
Sauce: Sweet and Sour Sauce:
  Roasted Pork Tenderloin
  Mustard Rub
  Garlicky Green Beans

Tasting Notes

Orchard and Tropical Fruits, Crisp and Dry

Vineyard Notes

Gresswell Vineyard; Rattlesnake Hills

Production Notes

Neutral barrel fermentation, finished in stainless
Vintage 2021
Varietal White
Size 750 ml
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