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2020 Pure Freaking Magic Reserve Viognier

Tasting Notes

‘Pure Freaking Magic' Reserve Viognier, 2020, Gresswell Vineyard, Rattlesnake Hills, WA The ‘PFM’ Viognier is gorgeous and over delivers with notes of floral orange blossom, and almonds. Tastes of lush tropical fruit and toasted coconut, this full-bodied wine has beautiful balanced acid, and lingers with a round, smooth finish.

Winemaker Notes

Song Pairing: ‘Every Little Thing She Does is Magic’ The Police


Cascadia Pizza 'The Russell' (garlic, chicken, red onion, gorgonzola, buffalo sauce)

Other Notes

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Vintage 2020
Wine Style White Wine
Acid 0.65 g/100ml
PH 3.44
Barrel Aging 6 Months on new French oak with bâtonnage.
Ageability 5-10
Residual Sugar 0.02 g/100ml
Alcohol % 13.87
Size 750 ml
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