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November 24, 2020

UVA FUREM proud to be Washington State’s 1,000th Winery!

Hello from UVA FUREM,

Maple Valley's own boutique production and cellar Winery! This family-owned wine label is the creation of two Air Force Veteran brothers, Jens and T.J. Hansen, with a common passion for fine wines. Their dream is to create hand-crafted, artisan selections that truly showcase a sense of place and exhibit boutique winemaking techniques. Their wines, from various appellations of Washington and Oregon, are extremely low-production and limited in availability. Each wine is a unique gem in the bottle and meant to be shared with friends and family.

“UVA FUREM” What’s with our name?
Honoring or military roots and traditions, the use of Latin phrased mottoes is as old as the U.S. military itself. In 1776, A general order issued by the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, Gen George Washington, directed that "it is necessary that every Regiment should be furnished a Motto in order to reflect and reinforce each unit's values and traditions”. While some mottoes are official, and others are unofficial, each one has a unique way of bonding its people together. Examples include those like the United States Air Force motto: Aut Vincere Aut Mors (Latin for “Conquer or Die) to much smaller and more deliberate, to the fact mottos like that of Special Operations Aerial gunners:  Neconjuge Nobiscum (Latin for “Don’t F@ck with US) Each embodies the will and fire that push their crews to perform their duties in a matter that will honor and dignify their past.
“UVA” ~ Latin for Grape, and “FUREM” ~ Latin for Smuggler, is also a tribute to our military history.  But that is a story best told over a glass of wine…

Please explore this site, check out the available wine, our fun merchandise, and follow along with our journey as we upload our story!