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2021 Bitchin' Betty Pinot Gris


A voice warning system is a system designed to alert the crew of an aircraft to imminent safety hazards.
It is often known as a Bitchin' Betty, a slang term used by aircrew and submariners. The enunciating voice, in at least some aircraft systems, may be either male or female. If the voice is female, it may be referred to as Bitchin' Betty; if the voice is male, it may be referred to as Barking Bob.
A female voice is heard on military aircraft such as the F-16 Fighting Falcon and the Mikoyan MiG-29.
A male voice is often heard on Boeing commercial airliners.
In European fighters, the term Nagging Nora is sometimes used and in New Zealand, it is Hank the Yank.
The female voice warning system used on London Underground trains is known as Sonya, as it "gets on ya nerves”


Meat: Grilled Chicken
Seafood: Clams
Cheese: Feta
Nuts: Macadamias
Vegetables: Peas
Spices: Fenugreek
Sauce: Salsa
  Chicken Gyros
  Cucumber Salad

Tasting Notes

fresh citrus, stone fruit, crisp finish

Vineyard Designation

Gresswell Vineyard

Vineyard Notes

Gresswell Vineyard; Rattlesnake Hills
Vintage 2021
Varietal White
Size 750 ml
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