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2022 Bella Ciao


The wine

100% Pinot Meunier fermented in stainless steel and carbonated to produce fine delicate bubbles.  Tart cherry, pomegranate, floral notes, and earthy mushroom. This wine pairs well with MRE XXX5: Menu 16 Boneless Pork Rib, Menu 21 Lemon Pepper Tuna, and Menu 23 Chicken Pesto Pasta.

The Story: Иди на хуй

Bella Ciao' (Goodbye, Beautiful) is a freedom and resistance song sung around the world as a rallying cry to unify its people. Oftern dedicated to the heroes in the armed forces fighting for freedom, against all enemies. Like the Ukrainian sailors on Snake Island responded "Golf Foxtrot Yankee"- rallying cries can be a very powerful weapon.

Vintage 2022
Wine Style Sparkling Wine
Varietal Pinot Meunier
Appellation Yakima Valley AVA
Size 750 ml
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$25.00 per Bottle
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$420.00 per Case