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2020 WTF


The wine:

100% Syrah aged in used Bourbon barrels.

Probably our most requested wine, pour some in a glass and be prepared to mutter, "WTF" is this delicious concoction? The Syrah brings the black and red fruits, the leather, and spicy notes, while the bourbon barrels bring out a caramel vanilla whiskey flavor unlike anything you have had.  Pair this with more of your funky heavy MRE XXIII: Menu 2 Pork Rib, Menu 22 Jambalaya, Menu 24 Meat Loaf w/Gravy; or save to drink with one of your included desserts such as fudge brownie, chocolate disk cookie, or fig bar.  

The Story: Head-Hunter

Crew-dogs, knuck draggers, mission hacker. These are just a few names given to the selfless patriots that fight for the security of our nation. These no-good skally-wags are often known to spit and scratch pricate parts in public and cavort with individuals of ill repute. Often found congregating with small groups of social misfits and malcontents that perform amazing stunts of daring-do. Destroyers of the perpetrators of stupidity and self-interest, these Lucky Bastards are often known for amazing even themselves.

Vintage 2020
Wine Style Red Wine
Varietal Red
Size 750 ml
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$40.00 per Bottle